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Welcome To Tankless Heater USA

Welcome To Tankless Heater USA

Most of us are comfortable with the familiar. We know how something works, and it's worked for us for years. But simply learning how an unfamiliar technology works can make us more comfortable with it, and can even help us see its benefits over the technology we currently use. A perfect example is a tank heater used for making our hot water.  Tank water heaters are the most common type of water heater used; these fill up with water, heat it using heating elements, and store it so that it may be distributed when we need it. The problem is that the old tank heater must work all day and night to keep the water hot so that it's hot when we need it. That's some serious waste energy and money. 

Rapidly growing in popularity are tankless water heating systems that provide instantaneous, or on-demand hot water whenever we need it. Why spend the extra money and wasting energy keeping water hot when you're not using it? Shouldn't you pay only for the energy required to heat the water as you need it?  The tankless system is quite simple actually. Water enters one end, passes through heating elements where it becomes hot, and exits through the other end of the system. It passes through the pipes in the home to wherever it is needed, e.g. the shower, dishwasher, or washing machine. Water is heated slightly hotter than is requested, as opposed to a tank system that heats water much hotter to make up for the heating loss that occurs when hot water exits the tank and cool waters enters.
So how do you get one of these systems in your home? Check out the selection of tankless systems and enjoy your journey through our store.
  Call us at 877-229-1191, or email us at info@tanklessheaterusa.com for help sizing for your home or businesses' hot water needs.

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